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With equity release, you get all the benefits of owning your own home without paying the full costs.
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The future of equity finance. Equity release has been a buzzword in the property market for some time now, it’s a way of using your home’s equity to help fund retirement. 

Equity release: the new way of releasing funding. It can be used as an alternative to income drawdown, or alongside it, and is available from age 55 onwards.

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We help you explore the equity release trend and the opportunities for homeowners to make more informed decisions about their future financial security.
The basics. We’ll go over the basics of equity release, and why this is an important consideration for property investors.
Manage your risks. We are also going to look at what’s available when it comes to managing risk, and how to make the most of your equity release options.
Your assets. We’ll also look at how to leverage your assets better in order to fund retirement, so that you can enjoy a more financially secure future.
Retirement options. We’ll explore what equity release is, how it works and why you should consider it as an option for funding retirement.
We’ll explore the subject of equity release and provide valuable insight into how this can be used to help fund retirement, and most of all will debunk some of the myths surrounding equity release, like just how much you can borrow and what will happen to the equity in your home when it is released.

Equity Release Interest Rates

The equity release interest rates measure the cost of borrowing for homeowners who are looking to free up some cash.

companies to use

Equity Release Companies

There are several factors that you need to take into consideration when choosing an equity release company.

companies to avoid

Companies to Avoid

Do you want to release some cash from the equity in your house but don’t know which equity release companies to trust?